Kaz’s Notes

Notes from the Road – September 20, 2015

So…even though this is Week 3 of the season, these are my first Notes from the Road, mostly because I was driving the minivan Weeks 1 and 2, and writing notes is a bad idea while driving. This time, I am riding on the bus…so notes it is!

Week 1 it was North Carolina for Labor Day. Ravi and Ruth and Richard and Matt reached the doubles at Wake Forest, we ate great Yelp 4 star 1 dollar sign food (Duncan proves to be an excellent reader between the lines of Yelp reviews) and we got to spend some quality time in the Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh because people can’t fly home in the afternoon or evening of a debate tournament if the tournament ends on Labor Day Monday.

Week 2 it was the minivan to Armonk NY for the Byram Hills tournament, a new addition to our schedule because the tournament switched dates from previous years. This was a chance for quality conversations between six second year LDers and myself in the minivan as I drove back and forth to NY. Reed was the top seed in JV LD and walked over Nikki in semis, before losing to one of the pesky Harrison NY kids in finals. Some of the best young LD talent in NY attended the Byram tournament and the judging was outstanding. The kids reported that they learned a lot. Nikki was also the second speaker and Venuri was third.

Which brings us back to Week 3…Chris and five of the kids are at Greenhill (in Texas) and Nirmal reached the doubles in a tough national field in LD and I have been at Yale where we had 10 mostly second year policy debaters, seven LDers of varying ages and six PFers, all of whom are juniors or seniors. Erica and Jonah ended up 4-2, but did not reach the elimination rounds because there were more than 225 teams in the field. Ayman reached the first elimination round in varsity LD and Aditi reached the first elim in JV LD. On the policy side, our mostly second years got to compete against top senior teams from Stuyvesant HS in New York and other senior teams from NYC, New Jersey and PA. Rajeev and Chris reached the quarters as did Yuhang and Maretu (who edged out Manu and Sophia for the last slot in the quarters by .15 speaker points). Kevin and Sanjna were the 10th seed, less than a point behind Manu and Sophia. We will get home before the sun has fully set (I just temporarily blinded myself looking at the back of the bus and straight into the sun) and be ready for our first Monday of the school year.

So far, 40 kids have competed this year, with six more getting out to Iowa next weekend…my fourth different state as many weeks. Roll on Lexington!